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Coach Hire Conditions

TOURS ISLE OF MAN LIMITED – Coach Hire Conditions August 2017

  • Applications. These conditions apply whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing. The hirer acts on behalf of all the passengers travelling on the vehicles.  If the hirer is a company, group, or partnership, an individual must be named as a responsible person.  The hirer is responsible for the actions and decisions of all the passengers on board including any additional costs incurred in performing the contract, whether or not they actually travel with the party.  The company will only accept instructions from the hirer.  If the hirer is not going to travel with the party, a representative must be chosen, and the company informed prior to the hire taking place.
  • Refreshments. Refreshments may not be carried onto the coach and consumed without permission of the Company, except for small items of confectionery (such as sweets and chocolate). Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed on board the coach.
  • Liability. The Company does not accept liability for any loss, delay or inconvenience caused as a result of delay or breakdown. (see also para 14)
  • Quotations. All quotations are made subject to a vehicle suiting the hirer’s requirements being available at the time of acceptance. Quotations are based on costs prevailing at the time, and in accordance with details provided by the hirer.  Quotations are valid for 90 days from the issue or for any period otherwise specified.  Unless otherwise stated, admission and parking charges are not included.  Quotations are given for coach and driver only.  Any additional charges will be separately identified and will be the hirer’s responsibility unless otherwise specified.
  • Bookings. Bookings are accepted subject to availability at that time. The Company reserves the right to substitute coaches of a similar quality, or driver, during the course of a journey or job due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Seating capacity. Not more than the maximum number of passengers indicated may be carried on each vehicle. The crew seat is for use by a tour guide or tour manager and is not a licensed passenger seat.
  • Confirmation. Normally, written confirmation by the Company is the only basis for the acceptance of a hiring or for the subsequent alteration in terms.
  • Route and Time Variations. Unless arranged to the contrary in advance with the Company, the most direct route between two points, will be taken by the driver.  Should a vehicle be detailed by the hirer or taken on a longer journey than contracted for, the Company reserves the right to impose an additional charge pro rata to the hire charge.  During the hiring, the driver must be the sole judge of the reasonableness of any request for a change of route or time.  In any event the vehicle(s) will depart at the agreed time and the Company will not be liable for any loss or injury sustained by a passenger failing to join the vehicle at the appointed time. The hire is priced for the return time that has been confirmed and any late finish can incur an additional charge of £45.00 per hour or part of until the hire is completed.
  • Supplying Coaches with Additional Seating Capacity. The company reserves the right to supply a larger coach than that ordered for any journey and in this event no additional charge shall be made to the hirer unless the additional seating capacity is utilised.
  • Use of vehicle. The hirer cannot assume the use of the vehicle between outward and return journeys, nor that it will remain at the destination for the hirer’s use unless this has been agreed with the company in advance. The vehicle may also be withdrawn if the group are more than 25 minutes late for the requested return time. In this event, no liability can be accepted for the cost of alternative transport.
  • Cancellation by Hirer. In the event of a cancellation by the hirer, The Company, at their discretion, reserves the right to obtain a cancellation charge.  The hirer shall be liable to the Company for any losses incurred by the Company, as a result of the cancellation or part cancellation not exceeding the full cost of the hiring. Cancellation charges that may be charged are;
  • a: Days prior to coach hire:
  • Cancellation Charge:                                                                                                                                                                   
  • 21 or more days – None (with the exception of the non-refundable deposit)                                                   
  • 6-20 days 15% of hire charge                                                                                                                                            
  • 4-5 days 25% of hire charge                                                                                                                                              
  •  1-3 days 50% of hire charge                                                                                                                                            
  • Day of hire 100% of hire charge                                                                                                                       b:Cancellation due to inclement weather conditions will be charged as above.
  • Cancellation by the Company. In the event of any emergency or force majeure or action by the hirer to vary the agreed conditions unilaterally, the Company may, by returning all monies paid with further or other liability, cancel the contract, or on the happening of any event over which the company has no control (including adverse weather and road conditions).
  • Passengers’ Property. Luggage and personal effects are carried on or in our vehicles at the owner’s risk. Gangway, doors and emergency exits must not be obstructed. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the correct number of cases is loaded and unloaded, and figures should be agreed with the driver. Lost property may be claimed from the Company’s premises and is held for a maximum of 30 days. All vehicles hired by the company are subject to restrictions on carrying luggage for statutory safety reasons. The hirer accepts that the driver shall be sole judge as to whether and to what extent passengers’ property is carried. Large, bulky items may not be able to be carried and the hirer should take all the steps to notify the company in advance of such requirements. It is the hirer’s responsibility to minimise risk of loss when property is left unattended.
  • Breakdowns and Delays. The company gives its advice on journey time in good faith. However, as a result of breakdown or traffic congestion, or other events beyond the reasonable control of the company, journeys may take longer than predicted and in those circumstances the company will not be liable for any losses or inconveniences suffered by the hirer as a result.
  • Conduct of Passengers. The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle.  Any passenger whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations may be removed from the vehicle or prevented from boarding, on the driver’s authority.  The Hirer will be responsible for the conduct of passengers and for any damage caused to the vehicle by passengers during the hire.  The Company reserves the right to impose a minimum cleaning charge of £100 in any case of sickness affecting the coach hire.  Any infringement of these conditions could render your hire with the Company being terminated without refund or compensation.
  • Payment. Any requested deposit must be paid when forwarding written confirmation and the balance must be paid 21 days or earlier before the date of hire, unless the Company has agreed in writing to a variation of this condition.  The Company reserves the right to add interest at the rate of 2% compound interest per calendar month, after the date by which payment should have been made.  Where an authorised credit account has been opened, payment is due within 30 days of hire. Please note that deposits are non refundable.
  • Returnable Additional Deposits – The company reserves the right to insist upon a returnable additional deposit being provided by the hirer in addition to the hire charge. This deposit will be returned to the hirer following completion of the hire provided that no additional expenses were incurred by the company which were a direct result of the hirers, or passengers actions.
  • Surcharges. Where more than 90 days elapse between the acceptance of the quotation and the performance of the contract, the Company reserves the right to pass on any increase in its costs such as a surcharge.  However, it guarantees to limit any such price increase to a maximum of 5% of the quoted price.
  • Additional Charges – The company reserve the right to impose additional charges on the hirer following completion of the hire if the passengers have left the vehicle in an unreasonably untidy condition or having required additional time or mileage which was not included for in the original booking.
  • Airport or Ferry Transfers – On collecting passengers from airports, ferry ports, etc., the coach will wait for one hour after the prearranged collection time free of charge. After that additional waiting time will be charged at the discretion of the company.
  • No smoking policy – Hirers should note that this company operates a policy of no smoking on all company vehicles. This policy will be strictly enforced.
  • Conveyance of Animals. No animal (other than guide/hearing dogs notified to the Company in advance) may be carried on any vehicle.
  • Complaints. In the event of a complaint about the company’s services, the hirer should endeavour to seek a solution at the time by seeking assistance from the driver or from the company (out of normal office hours contact is 07624 453681).  If this has not provided a remedy complaints should be submitted in writing to the Managing Director, Tours Isle of Man, 4 Akerman Court, Ballasalla, Isle of Man IM9 2AJ and within 14 days of the termination date of hire.





















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